I normally make nearly all of the Christmas gifts my wife and I give out. Last year my brother and I teamed up for the occasion, and made 50 small boxes to give out. The year before that I made about 30 gifts, mostly different and a bit more specifically targeted for each recipient. This year, I made 4 of the Christmas gifts we gave out to my rather large family. 2 of these were a success at the family Christmas, one is sitting on my bench ready to deliver, and the last of these is almost done, and should be ready to deliver on Christmas eve. (Thats right, Santa is driving a contractors van this year. . .)

A combination of factors went into this. First, Ive been busy. From July of this year, I’ve had very little time to get any personal projects done. Between Screw Orders, Mallet orders, a few time consuming jobs in the carpentry/home repair side of my business, chopping firewood, etc, things have been a bit hectic. Oh, and a few months ago the shop moved.

That last statement took the most time, and I still haven’t gotten the new shop situated the way it needs to be. I did go from a 17 x 19 space with no natural light with 6’9″ ceilings to a 24 x 36 with 9’+ ceilings, room for expansion, three windows, etc. It was uninsulated, no heat, and full of junk, but a great location. so far I just need to finish insulating the ceiling and one 8′ section of the wall, add more lights, rearrange things about 50 more times, build more shelving and storage, run more electrical as I rearrange. . .

Yeah, I’m not gonna have much free time for a while.

So, since I didn’t make a whole lot of my gifts this year, what did you folks all make?