I have had a few requests for details on the bench I took to Woodworking in America. I cannot seem to find the set of pictures I had from the bench build, but did find several more that aren’t already on the site.

The bench construction was rather straight forward. Legs dovetailed into the top, with no tenon at the back, Breadboard style endcaps to keep the top flat, stretchers at the bottom lagged into the legs, with the Lags going into a pocket.

Dimensions where dictated by the stock I had. The bench ended up being 22 1/2″ x 44″, and 32″ tall

These dimensions work very well for smaller work, but if you do many larger casework items, you may want to increase the bench length by a foot or so.

It was made from poplar, except for the vice chops, which are maple.

Round dog holes (3/4″), split top construction, Shelf beneath bench was simply cut and screwed on.