I got a bit tired of using 5 gallon buckets as sawbenches in the shop, so I thought I’d go ahead and build a set for myself.

These make sawing to a line nearly effortless!  I can saw pretty well, but the improvement in the ease of sawing is really something.  Using that center slot everything lines up perfectly, and your hand and eye coordinate without your conscious brain getting involved.

These are white oak. This particular Oak is hard.  Much harder than the stuff I usually get.  Chopping those 1 3/4″ deep mortises was not fun, and required more honings than I would have expected.

21″ tall, 32″ long, 10″ wide.

Once I used them a few times, I decided to add some leather pads to the feet.  The leather pads, (one on each corner) allow you to re-position over small debris and irregularities in your floor, and also make the benches stay put very nicely.