Over the past two months all of my hammers seem to be having issues. I have broken no fewer than 6 hammer handles, one axe handle, sheared the poll on my hatchet, snd had a sledge head disintegrate on contact with a splitting wedge. I will fully admit that I have been using them all to their limits, peining large rivets, splitting wood with the sledges, wedge and axe, driving a few posts, etc.

So, in between finish coats on some furniture, I eyeballed the three tired, worn out, frayed, chipped, abused baseball bats in the corner of the shop. Quickly snatching up a saw, I cut them to the appropriate lengths, and new life was breathed into several hammer heads. having a bit left over, I decided to turn down a few mallets.

2013-02-04 19.08.00

2013-02-04 19.08.12

2013-02-04 19.09.00

Those mallets are lightweight, well balanced and perfect for keeping your hands away from the “whacking” action when doing longer chopping jobs. Also, being extremely well seasoned Ash, they have an impact resistance or shock resistance property that very few woods can boast. I find them a bit light for my tastes, but I tend to prefer a heavier mallet than most folks.