I have had one board in my shop for 3 years.  When I bought it it was with a bunch of other lumber that an older gentleman had, and really didn’t look like it was the pick of the litter.  The walnut I bought was all clear, and was used rather quickly.  But this piece still remained. I would look at it now and again, wondering what I was going to turn it into, maybe a shelf or shop fixtures.

Then, I was reorganizing the stacks of lumber, and had a few minutes.  My curiousity got the better of me when I took a closer look at the dirt, grime and greyout on the surface.  Just barely visible were some wavy undulations, with some hints of figure.  Thinking I might as well break into the board and find out what sort of figure it had, I started milling it down.

I use a lot of poplar.  It is one of my go-to  woods for basic cabinetry, jigs, fixtures and shop furniture.  I have never had a piece of poplar with this much figure to it though.  Sure, a little bit around a knot, or some in a crotch, but never  this much, consistent throughout the board.  I knew it had to go into something a bit more specialized.

After careful consideration and some failed attempts to get another wood that it would match up with, I decided that a pair of Moxon style vises would be the best use for this particular board.


Small Moxon Vise: $300 (Shipping $20 to the USA)

8.75" between screws, 4.5" clamping depth, 7" tall chop, 27" long overall, Kentucky Coffee Bean Screws

Large Moxon Vise: $350 (Shipping $25 To the USA)

17" between screws, 4.5" clamping Depth, 7" tall chop, 34 7/8" long overall, Beech Screws