It has been a busy month here at the shop.  In addition to benches, vises, mallets and the other tools that I manufacture, I also do furniture and cabinet commissions, custom moldings and flooring.

These last two pieces have been delivered, with the promise of photographs from both customers, but for now, a few cell phone shop pictures will have to do.  Please try to ignore the clutter in the shop, and I will post better pictures when I get them.


2013-03-20 18.11.52 2013-03-20 18.11.32 2013-03-20 18.10.58 2013-03-20 18.10.27 2013-03-20 18.09.39 2013-03-20 17.20.31 2013-03-20 17.20.13 2013-03-20 17.19.46 2013-03-20 17.19.22 2013-03-20 17.19.08

Reclaimed oak barnwood entertainment center/stand

Walnut and Maple desk/writing table.