A customer contacted in late October or early  November me about his Roubo bench build that he was doing.  He was making it out of Red oak, and wanted to know if I could do an over sized leg and screw hub to match it.  I contacted the sawmill, and had them cut a few over sized  blanks for me.  However, when they came out of the kiln in the beginning of December,  there was quite a bit of checking and some felling shake, making them unusable for the leg.

Contacting the customer,  we came up with an alternative. . . Ash.  I had a bunch of thicker Ash left in stock already, and he was  happy to use the ash in stock rather than hope for the best on red oak round 2.

A week later I shipped the finished product out to him,  30#  of lumber headed from Indiana to  the west coast.

And, a week or two later, he emailed me a few pictures of his Roubo Bench.    It looks great, and I’m pretty sure he’ll get many of years hard use out of it!