I am terrible at taking pictures before and after a project, and rarely remember to take any pictures during a project if I am trying to do a tutorial or show a specific detail.

I recently refinished a billards and poker table for a customer, and did a built in entertainment center for him as well. Once again, I forgot to take pictures before stripping the game table down, but I did rember to snap a picture of the space the entertainment center was going.

The entertainment center was a simple, fun build, with crown topping it out. The greylite2 glass in the doors really made the whole unit come together once they were installed.

The Game table was rather tricky. While very well constructed, very little care had been given in selecting the wood. As such, once the original finish was removed, I counted no less than 6 different species of wood used, often right next to another. Cherry next to poplar next to maple next to soft maple next to. . .

It certainly did make it a necessity to use an analine dye stain rather than my more traditional oil finishes, since the customer still wanted the peice rather dark. Each section had to follow a different finish schedule to get the color right.

2013-02-02 16.44.52

2013-02-02 16.44.58

2013-02-02 16.45.16

2013-02-08 17.41.12

2013-02-08 17.41.22

JS before2

both poplar vises2