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Trestle table

Just a simple trestle table.

Ash base, Walnut and Ash top.

Live edge.

8′ x 40″ wide

Lumber Delivery

I’ve got an order for a few dining room tables.  The lumber arrived the other day, and is being processed.

Some really nice Ash from a local mill.  I’m waiting on a few slabs for a few of the tops, but am at the point where I can get started on the milling and rough cutting parts.

Lumber is in four sizes, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4, 16/4

There are several different designs for the tables, so each one will need slightly different components and joinery.


I got a bit tired of using 5 gallon buckets as sawbenches in the shop, so I thought I’d go ahead and build a set for myself.

These make sawing to a line nearly effortless!  I can saw pretty well, but the improvement in the ease of sawing is really something.  Using that center slot everything lines up perfectly, and your hand and eye coordinate without your conscious brain getting involved.

These are white oak. This particular Oak is hard.  Much harder than the stuff I usually get.  Chopping those 1 3/4″ deep mortises was not fun, and required more honings than I would have expected.

21″ tall, 32″ long, 10″ wide.

Once I used them a few times, I decided to add some leather pads to the feet.  The leather pads, (one on each corner) allow you to re-position over small debris and irregularities in your floor, and also make the benches stay put very nicely.


A set of Custom Wooden Screws

A customer contacted me recently and asked if I could roughly match a Vise screw hub he had seen. The only issue was that the two screws were very different in size.

The results weren’t too bad!. One will be used in a tail vise, the larger is going in a leg vise.

The larger of the screws is a standard 18″ screw, with an internal garter slot added and the hub customized.

The second screw is 1 3/4″, with 3 tpi, at 13″ long. The garter slot will have an external garter.

Metal Working Vise mount for woodworking Bench

Everyone can use a metalworking vise, and woodworkers are no exception. The problem is often having it mounted to your woodworking bench permanently means it is in the way a lot of the time. Most people that mount the vise to their woodworking bench mount it to a back corner, where it is hard to access from both sides, so it cuts down on the vises functionality as well.

My solution, which I have seen several times over the past 20 years in several different designs, is to mount the vise to a block that can be clamped in one of your woodworking vises, then taken off the bench when not needed.

Simple, effective, and gets the job done!

Bench on Bench

A “Bench on Bench” with a twin screw vise.

These help with dovetail and joinery cutting by raising your work to a comfortable level. Not only are they a back saver, they put your eyeline in a better place to saw more accurately.

32″ wide, 14″ deep, 12″ tall, with 25″ between the screws to allow for larger panels.

Walnut and Maple, with Mahogany Handwheels.

Te design gets dressed up a little by the profiles on the feet and top support.

On top of the bench with the tools for making some dovetails.

Tucks away nicely under the bench dogs beneath the bench for storage when not needed.

Web Site is Under maintenance this week!

Over the next week the website will be undergoing a major revamp and upgrading to more reliable software. Once the website is 100% updated there will be new products in the store and new content on the blog.

Please be patient while we upgrade and give you a better resource!

As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you need to ask questions or place an order.

St Andrews Cross Leg Vise

Just a few pictures of a St Andrews Cross leg vise I am working on. The St Andrews Cross (SAC) hardware is very simple to make, and much nicer to use than a pin and guide in the bottom of the chop.

People often refer to this type of hardware as a St Peters Cross, but that is a misnomer.

I will have drawings and more detailed specs of the hardware up on the site in the coming months.

Benchcrafted makes some very nice hardware for a very reasonable price if making your own hardware is out of the question.



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Those bench bases shown a few posts ago were finished a while back.  With updating the website and jobs I hadn’t had much time to post pictures of the completed benches.


Workbench 2 has already found a home in New Jersey.


Here are a few low resolution shots of the benches, amidst their natural messy shop environment.

Workbench two- St. Andrews Cross for leg vise.

Workbench two- St. Andrews Cross for leg vise.

Workbench 2- Big twinscrew

Workbench 2- Big twinscrew

Workbench 2-Bench End

Workbench 2-Bench End

Workbench 2-Leg Vise Side

Workbench 2-Leg Vise Side

Workbench 3- Wagon Vise detail

Workbench 3- Wagon Vise detail

Workbench 3

Workbench 3

Workbench 3

Workbench 3

Workbench 3- Endcap

Workbench 3- Endcap

Workbench 3- Wagon Vise

Workbench 3- Wagon Vise

Custom Porch Posts

Just a quick low quality video of some porch posts. These went on a historic home in Franklin, IN.

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